Marijuana Can't. You Can.


In October 2018, The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) launched the statewide cannabis prevention and education campaign, You Can, to educate youth about the health effects and consequences of using cannabis, provide healthy alternatives to using to deal with stress and boredom, and to let them know that when it comes to pursuing future dreams and goals, “Marijuana Can’t. You Can.”  

Results from the 2022 youth assessment found that the top prevention messages most compelling to youth are: cannabis’ impact on mental health, relationships, and brain development. The toolkit below has been updated with new materials that feature these key prevention messages and encourage healthy behaviors as an alternative to cannabis use.

3 Things You Can Do

We'd like to ask for your help promoting the campaign. Here's what you can do to help prevent youth cannabis use in our state:

Please note that some of the materials feature talent and have restrictions on their use. Any restrictions will be noted in the file title.

To request the password to this toolkit, support on how to navigate it, or the form you need to complete if you plan to use campaign materials, please contact Nikki Meline, DOH,

Thanks for all you do to support young people in Washington!


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