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Does Social Press Kit use Social Press Kit?

We sure do! If we love our product as much as we do, then how can we NOT use it ourselves! It’s public too… and it’s a way to showcase select, but awesome happenings going on across SPK: https://socialpresskit.com/spk


What is the difference between an SPK vs. a Campaign?

This is a very common and normal question you’re asking. An SPK is defined as your URL or how we know it as your “handle.” Campaigns live on your SPK URL. So… on our pro plan, you can add as many campaigns as you wish to one single SPK (one URL). If there is ever a time whereby you need to have a separate SPK (a different URL), that is when you’re going to want to add a new SPK right from your dashboard. If you’re okay having your advocates see all of your campaigns on one single URL, then you can continue to use that single SPK. If you need further clarification on this OR if you would like to set-up a strategy call to see what we recommend, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Our organization was approved through the SPK Cares program, but we’re not seeing the 20% discounted pricing. Help!

Don’t stress. Here is what you need to do - in order to see the 20% discount applied to your SPK account, make sure you have set-up your SPK account using the same email address you used when you signed up for the SPK Cares program. 

Do you offer discounted pricing for non-profit organizations?

We do! While we have established our pricing plans to cater to nonprofit budgets, we offer an additional 20% off through our SPK Cares program. You can apply here: https://socialpresskit.com/spkcares


What is the refund policy for Social Press Kit?

 Due to the subscription structure of the platform we are unable to offer any refunds. If you wish to STOP your subscription at any time please head into MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION > STOP SUBSCRIPTION. You are able to START, STOP and RESTART your subscription at any time depending upon your needs.  

I manage social media for a NPO. I am interested in learning how this platform could support our infrequent campaigns. We would not use the feature every month, but rather seek to host our content for partners to reference/use 2-3 times per year. Is it an option to use social press kit as needed, or do we have to continue the subscription throughout the year?

 Yes, you can "turn on and off" your SPK directly from your admin account. Click on Manage Subscription, and click disable or enable next to the SPK you wish to stop or start. Just know that when you disable an SPK, it will no longer be publicly visible.

Can I add a new subscription? Can it be combined with my other SPKs for a one-time charge?

Yes! In your main dashboard you will see the "ADD a Presskit" button. Follow the prompts and you'll be all set.

Our payment partner, Stripe details here how combined subscriptions will show on your statement. 

Our organization uses this service for our social toolkits. How is the SPK priced, is it per campaign or can have multiple press kits for our subscription price?

You will be charged per Social Press Kit. We define an SPK as a new press kit living on it’s own, unique URL. You can add additional SPKs from your Dashboard.

What makes SPK different?

It's true. There are certainly a wide variety of social media tools out there, but those are mostly focused on internal needs. Social Press Kit is focused on making the distribution of social content painless for internal AND external stakeholders. Social media is complex. It requires consistency to strengthen a message. Our goal is to make it easier for your advocates to share. Give it a whirl!

How To

Are you planning on adding new features? If so, when?!

Our development roadmap is a well oiled machine :) Our goal is to release updates on a quarterly basis depending on how major they are. Sometimes you will notice them and other times they’re in the background working their magic to provide a better experience for our amazing customers. 

What is the best way to contact customer support?

Easy. Go to our home page, scroll down and fill out the form. We strive to be in touch with everyone within 6 - 24 hours: https://socialpresskit.com/

Do you offer support?

Yes, yes and yes! Our goal is to ensure you’re set-up for success. So, what we’re saying is - USE US! Not only will we provide demos, but we will also set-up individual and/or group strategy sessions to ensure you’re using SPK to it’s fullest potential so you can capitalize on your earned media. 


How easy is it to embed your widget code?

If you’re asking this question, chances are you have embedded a YouTube video in your lifetime OR you’re familiar with what that is. Well, embedding an SPK into your own site works the same way. When you’re on our pro plan, you will have a snippet of code that you can place into your site’s back-end to display the full SPK within your own and operated website. 


Where can I apply to become an approved SPK Cares organization?

It’s free to apply. Please fill out the application here: https://socialpresskit.com/spkcares. Applications are expected to take anywhere between 36 - 72 hrs for review and approval. 


What is the difference between an SPK and a CAMPAIGN?

A SPK is defined as the URL vs. the a campaign is what is on an actual SPK that houses the content. Our pro plan allows you to develop and manage an unlimited amount of campaigns on a single SPK (URL). If you want a dedicated URL for a new SPKthat is the only time when you would occur additional fees because you would be starting an additional SPK subscription. 

What is the maximum file size for media?

The maximum upload file size is 200 MB. Images should be saved as JPG, PNG, or GIF files, and videos should be saved as MP4 files.

When people share via Facebook, is it possible for them to post to a business page?

Yes! As long as the individual is a manager of that Facebook Business Page, they can post.

To post to your business page, click "Post to Timeline" and you'll see your name above the post. Click the drop-drown menu next to your name and select a page you manage from the choices below... then click Post! 

If for any reason you aren't seeing the drop down, you did not give SPK permission to access your account. When posting via SPK for the first time, if you see Facebook requesting permissions to manage pages you should hit OK. You can also go into your Facebook settings and edit the permissions:
1. Click in the top right of Facebook and select Settings
2. Click Apps in the left menu
3. Click on Social Press Kit to edit its settings
4. Allow "Manage your pages" , "Publish as Pages you manage" and "Show a list of the Pages you manage."

When people share or post to Facebook via the SPK, people don't see an option to "Share" the post, only "Like" or "Comment." Can we change this?

This is not controlled by your SPK, it depends on the permissions people allow when they originally login with their Facebook. 

If they select PUBLIC, the share buttons will show up, because the post is visible to all. Selecting FRIENDS will not permit sharing, because then a friend could share it with someone who's not a friend of the original user who posted. The privacy settings for the SPK under a Facebook account can be edited under settings.

How do I notify my partners/influencers that content is ready for them? Will I need to send an email every time I make an update?

In the top nav bar click Notify Partners and enter the emails of all of your partners. These emails will store for easy selection and updates next time you adjust your content!

What if my organization doesn't have any graphics?

 This can be frustrating, but the great thing is that both Adobe Photoshop and Canva offer FREE trials of their software. It is great way to get a few strong pieces together before deciding on a longer term solution. For simple sizing adjustments, native photo solutions on Mac and PC will do the trick!

Some images are getting cutting off. What can I do about this?

In order to ensure that your content presents at its best, we've developed SPK to showcase imagery in the preferred aspect ratio of each social platform. The ratios are presented below the images on the SPK for assistance.

Also for Facebook shares: is it possible to extend the visible text? The text from some of our posts are getting cut short.

Unfortunately Facebook limits the amount of text that is shown in the preview snippet of a Facebook Share. The SPK content will be cut to fit the allotted space.

What is the post name field on Facebook?

The post name is a headline for your content. Strong headlines and imagery will support deeper engagement.

When making a Facebook post, we were hoping to tag partner organizations within the post, with a hyperlink, so that the post shows up on that org's Facebook page. Is this possible?

 Unfortunately due to Facebook's Share API, this is not possible at this time.

What type of analytics does SPK offer?

  • Total View Count of your SPK
  • Total Facebook Shares: The number of times someone "Shared" and "Posted to Timeline" on your SPK. 
  • Total Facebook Timeline Views: The number of times someone clicked on one of your "Shared" posts on Facebook. This only counts when someone actually clicks on a shared post If someone shares via SPK, and then someone else sees that post on Facebook and re-shares, clicks on that second degree post will be counted here as well.
  • Total Tweets
  • Total Instagram Downloads
  • Total Asset Downloads

Is it possible to create a URL link that is associated with a specific campaign within the SPK, or is it only possible to navigate to the SPK home page?

Yes! You can use the following structure using "#"s and replacing all spaces with "-"

If your SPK URL is thesocialpresskit.com/yourURL:

  • To link directly to a campaign: thesocialpresskit.com/yourURL#Campaign-Name
  • To link directly to a content tab: thesocialpresskit.com/yourURL#Tab-Name
  • To link directly to a campaign & content tab: thesocialpresskit.com/yourURL#Campaign-Name/Tab-Name

Is there a demo that I can take a look at?

There is! You can view our Getting Started tutorial here, and find other helpful videos on our main YouTube channel.

How do I edit my SPK?

Simply click "View & Edit" inside your dashboard or hit "Edit Presskit" in the upper right corner of the screen. For step-by-step instructions on how to populate your SPK, view our Getting Started Guide.


I can’t seem to find your pricing, please help!

No problem. Here you go: https://socialpresskit.com/plans

Can I have different plans run simultaneously from one dashboard?

Amazing question. YES YOU CAN! If this gets you as excited as we are with this feature, then we’re a good match! You have full flexibility, for example, to have one yearly pro SPK while also running a monthly plus plan while also running a monthly pro plan. In this use case, you would be managing three separate subscriptions from your dashboard. This allows you the ability to use SPK as needed on a campaign specific basis. It’s very rare for every campaign to be the same, so therefore the goal of flexibility has been a north star for us. 

Can I add additional team members on our account to edit the back-end?

Yes, absolutely! When you are on our pro plan, you can add as many team members as you wish. If you are managing multiple SPKs through one dashboard, you can even grant specific access to team members for specific SPKs. 


Can I stop my subscription?

When you are on our monthly plans, the answer = YES! Not only can you pause/stop your SPK, but when you’re ready to come back, you can login and restart your subscription. And not only that, when do you come back, your content will be waiting for you! If you are on our yearly subscription, you cannot pause your subscription mid-year. You will have the opportunity to do so before your auto-renewal comes up. 


Where do I find your discounted pricing for SPK Cares approved organizations?

You’re going to want to review our pricing plans, here: https://socialpresskit.com/nonprofitplans. If you have yet to register for our SPK Cares Program, please do so here: https://socialpresskit.com/spkcares

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